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International Projects

Breaking News! The first shipment of ostomy supplies is now organized in the hospital pharmacy at the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Surgery, in Almaty, Kazakhstan! Children and adults are receiving free supplies. Many thanks goes out to all those who helped and especially to Friends of Ostomates Worldwide.

Grace Anatomy has been asked to participate in World Continence Week-US during the week of June 21-27, 2010. Activities will be held around the world and in several cities in the U.S. Our team has been working hard to gain support and participation across the nation.

In June of 2009, Grace Anatomy, brought Dr. Aipov from Kazakhstan to the United States for a conference at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, titled, "Anorectal Malformations." As we did in 2006, Grace Anatomy, had the opportunity to raise funds and in-kind donations so this surgeon could work with Dr. Alberto Pena, and Dr. Marc Levitt, and their teams. Thanks to these leading specialists and Don Hennig, Dr. Aipov was able to spend almost a month here. He was also able to observe Dr. Keith Georgeson, another internationally known surgeon. At the same time, were also able to bring a surgeon from Nigeria to Alabama, where both doctors had a chance to share the visons they have for their hospitals, and observe surgeries in Alabama.

Just a few months ago, Dr. Aipov and Dr. Nurlan conducted their first national medical conference teaching others and finding out what problems need to be overcome across the nation to dramatically improve outcomes. Many children are born with birth defects in this area, and without proper medical care, they face many extra challenges in life.

Please continue to pray for and support this work, as the lives of many children are so dramatically improved.

In 2006, Grace Anatomy, had the opportunity to bring the leading colorectal surgeon from the country of Kazakhstan, Dr. Nurlan Akhparov, to work with Dr. Alberto Pena and Dr. Marc Levitt.

He used and adapted what he learned and in 2008, Dr. Nurlan Akhparov was invited to do a presentation for the 15th International Paediatric Colorectal Club in Salamanca, Spain. He discussed his treatment and results on several very complex cases. He did a fantastic job on this presentation and continues to learn and teach others!

Grace Anatomy also brought a medical team over to attend the National Institutes of Health consensus meeting on prevention of fecal and urinary incontinence in December of 2007 and provided surgical observations and training time to help them in their endeavor to set up their first colostomy clinic. We are committed to continuing to spread excellent education about these problems and relief around the globe. We hope to eventually be able to help children and families in many countries.

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In 2006, Grace Anatomy, invited a family physician, Dr. Irina Bezruk, who sees most of the children who are being adopted as they go to the S.O.S. clinic there to have their final examinations for visa passports. She requested more training in developmental issues and pulmonology, and was able to help with some translation. She was able to learn a great deal at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana with leaders in those fields. Both doctors were able to meet with the entire Telemedicine team, who not only gave a thorough demonstration of telemedicine, but also gave a tour of the entire hospital that was incredibly rich.

You can see pictures of Dr. Ahkparov and Dr. Bezruk and many other pictures here in this gallery. Video footage will be available soon.Click Here

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