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National Projects

Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge, 2011
Poster Presentation by Grace Anatomy
April 12-13 , 2011 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Pre-conference workshops will be held on 11 April.

Looking Forward to World Continence Week-US, 2011

Information on World Continence Week-US, 2010

From June 21 - 27, 2010, affiliated organizations from around the world did special promotions to help raise awareness of incontinence.

World Continence Week-USA 2010 hosted educational events during the week for this condition affecting 33 million Americans.

Grace Anatomy, Inc. collaborated, holding events in Buffalo, New York, June 21st and 22nd and in Huntsville, Alabama on June 25th.

In New York classes for the public were held in the morning and evening of Monday, June 21, at the Medicare Information Center at Value Plaza, 620 Dick Road, Cheektowaga/Depew, NY, 14043.

The next day, there was a 1 pm luncheon and interactive class for staff at Independent Health, an insurance company. Nurses, Case Workers, even a medical director attended!

Grace Anatomy, Inc in Huntsville, Alabama participated in World Continence Week with a class on Friday, June 25 at the Aegis Technology Building on Jan Davis Drive at 10:00 am.
All labor involved by members of Grace Anatomy were volunteered. However, actual expenses were reimbursed by World Continence Week-USA.

Sponsors and donors for World Continence Week USA include Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Hollister International, American Medical Systems, Rochester Medical Corporation and Calmoseptine. Other non-profit organizations involved in 2010 include the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates, The Simon Foundation for Incontinence, Women's Health Foundation and the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders.

We have been working with insurance companies to improve outcomes for patients with Medicare and will continue to do collaborative work and research in this field.

Executive Director, Diana Hankey Underwood attended the Simon Foundation for Continence "Engineering for Continence" seminar in Chicago. Inventors, physicians, surgeons, incontinent individuals and leaders in advocacy, from Europe and the United States gathered together last year to discuss what new products are being developed and what new products have yet to be invented to meet the needs of people who have loss of bladder or bowel control.

We helped get a prototype of a new product started, and will continue to help industry leaders as they engineer and introduce new products to help make incontinence more bearable.

Using the NIDDK platform, Diana created a bowel and bladder diary that is unique in its ability to offer a private, yet convenient way to record bladder and bowel habits. Leaking gas is often dismissed, but can be very life altering if people begin to limit their social activities. Leaking mucous or feces is common, yet rarely discussed at medical appointments. Men and women suffer from these problems, but men are often less than thrilled to receive pink diaries, and women have no diary that asks about bowel, and gas,issues along with bladder problems. In order to make these diaries very private, and useful, the pages are folded. We are willing to make them available and request a donation of at least five dollars to cover the cost of printing and shipping.

Please send your requests to: diana@graceanatomy.org

Please see photos for illustrations:

Female Diary:

Male Diary:

See photos of the convention: Click Here

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